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Our company - ADS Polska has been operating since 2011 and has been focusing on two levels of the advertising market since the beginning. The first direction is the activity of ADS Polska as a wholesaler of sublimation products, i.e. sales both wholesale but also retail of articles, gadgets for sublimation printing as well as products and auxiliary media in this field.

Although we try to expand our offer as often as possible with new products, we do not hide that we focus mainly on the possibly wholesale and wide sale of sublimation cups as well as sublimation printing media such as sublimation paper in rolls in any available width, paper sublimation in A4 and A3 sheets and sublimation ink. We know that our offer is very good quality products that we try to provide our clients at the best prices possible. We offer all the sublimation products we offer in unlimited quantities, which guarantees each customer that the product will be available at any time. For example, the minimum number of white standard sublimation cups we allow in stock is 30,000 pieces. Due to the fact that, apart from wholesale, we also run a typical activity of an advertising agency, all our products are constantly subject to our quality assessment, because we work on them ourselves.

Our second business profile is advertising agency. Using knowledge and experience in the field of sublimation, we make all kinds of prints mainly on mugs and mouse pads. We also serve our clients in the field of gadgets such as advertising leashes or pens. However, due to the very favorable price of the final product resulting from the fact that we are a direct importer of min. mugs and mouse pads, we focus on the wholesale production of these gadgets, both for the end customer and for external advertising agencies.

In the field of production of printed mugs, we cordially invite you to cooperation all advertising agencies. We are currently cooperating with over 250 agencies in Poland as a subcontractor responsible for the production of the gadget in the form of an advertising mug with any print. We offer constant and very competitive prices, 100% timely delivery, express realizations and only well and nicely made products.

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