1. Basics of sublimation

Basics of sublimation

By definition, sublimation is the process of phase change of a direct transition of a given substance from a solid to a gaseous state bypassing the liquid state. This is the definition of sublimation from the theoretical side.

In practice, we are talking about the action of a special sublimation ink, which due to its properties has the ability to evaporate under the influence of high temperature and combine (penetrate) to the polyester layer that should be covered the surface of our target advertising gadget, such as a mug or other selected product . Colloquially, this type of printing is called sublimation technology or sublimation printing.

Standard prints can only be transferred to polyester surfaces and with the appropriate sublimation ink.

Printing in sublimation technology, like any other printing method, has its pros and cons. The main downside are the production restrictions resulting from the requirements of the transfer process. On the other hand, undoubtedly, very big advantages are excellent print quality, relatively low production costs and flexibility of implementation

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