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dosublimacji.pl -  S-RACE® A4 J15120 Felix Schoeller sublimation paper
dosublimacji.pl -  S-RACE® A4 J15120 Felix Schoeller sublimation paper

S-RACE® A4 J15120 Felix Schoeller sublimation paper

Professional S-RACE® J15120 sublimation paper, A4 format, 100 sheets, weight 120g / m2. The original S-RACE® sublimation paper is a product from the German giant in the field of sublimation / coated paper production, FELIX SCHOELLER Digital Media.

Premium class product with the highest printing parameters for the most demanding users. Perfect image quality, extremely fast drying and excellent transfer properties are the main features of S-RACE® sublimation paper.

Price: 10.50 EUR net / pc. Sum: 10.50 EUR net

10.50 EUR net/pc. 1 piece

9.60 EUR net/pc. 10 pieces

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Purchase options - packing

Sales unit: 1 piece (100 sheets)

Collective packaging:

Carton: 10 pcs.
Max pack: 40 items


High availability


Shipping cost:

from 13.00 PLN net

Same day shipping:

When ordering until 14:00


S-RACE® J15120 (A4 format) applies to all sublimation office printers (such as Epson, Sawgrass, Ricoh and others).

SUBLIMATION PAPER S-RACE® J15120 is made in microporous technology: Innovative technology ensuring the fastest sublimation in the highest possible print quality.

Specially designed paper for both soft and, above all, demanding hard surfaces. Excellent transfer on photo panels (e.g. ChromaLuxe®), mugs or tiles, any polyester coated hard surfaces such as glass, fiberglass, plates etc. Textiles, mouse pads as well as polyester fabrics.

S-RACE® J15120 paper means: excellent image quality, extremely fast drying, perfect line sharpness and unrivaled and fast transfer properties (printing on the right side, the S-RACE® logo is on the left side)

The goods were made in Germany. As a distributor, we guarantee the lowest price on the Polish market and fast delivery.

Detailed information about the manufacturer is available at: www.s-race.com and the product film https://youtu.be/iKGoTKa7kRA

Deliveries and payments


  • Courier service (from PLN 13.00 net)
  • Courier on delivery (from 17.10 PLN net)
  • Order your own courier
  • Pickup in person (pickup at the companys premises)

Shipment of goods every day until 2:00 p.m.


  • Traditional transfer (prepayment)
  • Cash on delivery (payment on delivery from the courier)
  • Online payment (fast payment from any bank Przelewy24)
  • Cash payment (collection at the companys premises)


By definition, sublimation is the process of phase change of a direct transition of a given substance from a solid state to a gaseous state bypassing the liquid state. This is the theoretical definition of sublimation.

In practice, we are talking about the action of a special sublimation ink, which, thanks to its properties, has the ability to evaporate under the influence of high temperature and connect (penetrate) to the polyester layer that should be covered the surface of our target advertising gadget, such as a mug or other selected product . Colloquially, this type of printing is called sublimation technology or sublimation printing.

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